Exterior flooring

Natural stone flooring outside the house, is gaining popularity fast in Israel and around the world. External flooring with natural stone or marble tiles, gives front of the house and the yard a unique atmosphere created by the use of natural materials.

Travertine flooring

Travertine is a stone with a unique texture, which give the exterior flooring a natural look. Travertine stone has holes that help to prevent slipping and integrated into the garden or yard look harmoniously and naturally. Travertine stones of the highest quality are used for external flooring in yards and gardens, as well as exterior cladding, and even interior flooring in rustic-style or contemporary homes.

We have an extensive experience in matching various types of stone flooring including travertine, basalt, slate and other natural stones. Our high quality exterior floorings are well-designed and fits perfectly in rural houses and meet the different needs of natural stone external flooring.

Exterior flooring in natural stone, stepstones and exterior cladding gives your yard or garden a natural look that blends wonderfully with the surroundings and complete the natural atmosphere in your home garden.