Interior Cladding

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Interior Wall Cladding

In terms of design, interior cladding with stone or marble is a major part of home design. In the past, internal stone cladding was customary mainly in bathrooms, but nowadays stone or brick walls can be found in many homes, some even covers the house walls completely. We offer a wide range of materials and design options to match our customers wishes and needs.

Wall cladding with natural stone, marble and bricks

Todays market offers an extraordinary abundance of stone cladding for interior or exterior walls. In most cases, these stones are carved in local Israeli quarries, rather than imported from abroad.

An additional option is using bricks for cladding. Bricks are considered to be very popular in recent years and can be found in diverse styles and designs. There are reclaimed antique bricks, from previous centuries even, as well as modern-style bricks and natural bricks made of stone. Interior walls can also be covered one of various types of marble or travertine stone – a natural stone with a prestigious and unique look.

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