Interior Flooring

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Interior flooring and natural stone tiles

Our company imports high quality marble and natural stone, in various colors and types, especially suitable for interior flooring.

In our Photo Gallery you will get an impression of the wide range of products we offer.

Interior flooring and marble tiles

Up until a few years ago, most of the buildings in Israel were built uniformly, unimaginative and often floored with uniform 20 by 20 centimeters tiles combined with whitewashed concrete walls, which would have given the house look cheap and uninviting. In recent years, awareness for design has increased, and many began to use both marble flooring and stone cladding, which in turn gave each house a luxurious and unique style of his own.

Alongside the obvious aesthetic advantage, marble flooring has an additional benefits that are not so obvious. Stone flooring is ensuring a higher resistance to natural erosion and water damage, as well a very efficient heat insulation.

Furthermore, alongside stylish design and eco-friendliness, using natural stone for cladding and flooring, increases the property value dramatically.

High-Quality interior flooring

With vast experience and highly professional staff, we can ensure matching your dreams of your home flooring.{:}

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