About Avney Yesod LTD

AVNEY YESODAvney Yesod company specialize in importing and marketing of natural stone, marble, granite, travertine, basalt and more.

Company Owner and CEO, Guy Alfassi, Kibbutz Yiftach native, has worked up the ranks in the kibbutz’s marble factory in manufacturing and marketing for 16 years, where he gained much of his knowledge in the field. After the factory was closed in 2007, Guy founded an independent company and called it “Avney Yesod”.

Natural stone for exterior and interior flooring and cladding
Avney Yesod is a leading Israeli natural stone marketer. Our product selection includes a wide range of natural stone, such as marble, granite and basalt, for applications such as interior and exterior flooring, exterior and interior cladding, garden stepping stones, stairs and window thresholds, as well as reclaimed, retro and classic bricks.

Import and marketing of natural stone and marble for flooring
Our company has of more than 20 years in manufacturing, importing and marketing of natural stone products, during which we’ve gained special expertise in finding unique stone resources worldwide and the ability to adapt it for cladding, flooring, stairs and window thresholds. We keep a wide range of marble tiles, slate, dolomite, limestone, travertine, basalt, and more in stock, to allow each customer to receive the perfect solution.

Our advantages

Our main advantage lies in size. Unlike large companies in this field, we allow each customer to buy the type of cladding or stone flooring in a variety of dimensions and finishing to fulfil their unique desire. Every customer, institutional or private, receives a personal service, a professional advice in choosing the stone flooring and matching the desired products to their needs.

We provide natural stone and marble quality service to customers throughout the country. Among our clients there are private homeowners, architects, designers, contractors, landscapers, regional councils, synagogues, schools, hotels, shopping malls, restaurants, stores, nurseries, swimming pools and many more.

We will be happy to welcome you in our showroom in Kibbutz Yiftach, our source of inspiration, enrichment and personal service to our customers, where you can have a close look at the variety and quality of our unique products.

Guy Alfassi, CEO