Exterior Cladding

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Exterior wall cladding with natural stone is becoming more and more common in new homes in Israel and houses which are undergoing renovation, and even in apartment buildings, when the project architect wishes to give to the building a more natural and unique look.

The natural stone is used for a wide range of purposes, from high-tech firms offices to rural guest houses. The fact that each natural stone is unique in terms of size and shape gives it a magical and natural look: no more industrialized item but a natural object which brings out the natural look. Beyond the natural stone’s architectural benefits, it has many practical advantages such as natural temperature insulation and resistance to mold and dampness.

Natural stone cladding is a key feature in green building. With a smart integration of natural stone cladding, your home could help you save energy – while helping to save the world.

Travertine cladding

Travertine is used for exterior cladding and exterior flooring, which its natural look give a unique look that fits harmoniously with the environment and pleasing to the eye. Sealing the travertine blocks should be done with a special glue in a way that prevents wetness and cold through its natural holes into the house.

Travertine is available in several colors and can become the perfect solution for homeowners who are wishing to design to stand out with unique colors.

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